Digitalization of learning and education

The innovation system where users, companies and academia co-create new edtech-solutions

Innovation and Growth

Edtech Southeast Sweden facilitate successful digitalization and learning by being a strong regional innovation ecosystem for edtech (Educational Technology). An environment where opportunities grow into scalable edtech-solutions.  Our focus is in four different areas:

  • Innovation and incubation environment simplifying identification of needs, development and the testing of new solutions all the way to the delivery of commercial solutions. Triple-Helix co-operation between schools, companies and academia is vital for successful results.
  • Acceleration support for established edtech-companies in growth and expansion.
  • International partnerships for competence exchange and increased export.
  • Making it easier for edtech companies to enter the market and establish in Sweden.

Lifelong learning

Digital literacy is fundamental in order to live and be an active citizen in a democratic society.

Edtech, used in conscious and structured way, utilize the power of digitalization in learning for increased efficiency and better learning results.

We are also sure that edtech is a key component in solutions for challenges that many educational systems face; integration of refuges, lack of teachers, declining student results and the increasing amount of administrative work for teachers.

Edtech together with skilled teachers and students, is a combination that generate new possibilities for lifelong learning.

Relations between organisations all over the world

Edtech Southeast Sweden is a cluster of science parks, incubators, schools, companies and municipalities in the southeast of Sweden.

Our ambition is to identify and stimulate relevant and successful digitalization of learning and education. Each partner contributes with resources and competences in line with their business objectives. Shared values are created in the cluster as all actors work towards the same goal while the co-operation also create specific business value for each partner.

We are continuously seeking new ways to expand our network both in Sweden and internationally.

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The global Edtech market has an estimated annual growth of 20% and will reach 252 billion USD by 2020


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